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Special thanks to:

Alex Grigoras | overall support
Andrei Istoc | audio production finish / mixing and mastering
Mircea Vlad | artwork design
Andrei Popa (Cerno) | lyrics for Concrete and For Those Who Dared
Stefan Barzu | lyrics for Transference and Hermetism

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedignitycomplex
Email: dignity.complex@gmail.com

Label: www.facebook.com/0331records


released January 21, 2017

Music by The Dignity Complex. Many thanks and credits to the former band members who actively participated to the writing process: Alex Grigoraș, Claudiu Gârbea, Andrei Popa (Cerno), Andrei Iștoc, Marius Licu, Ionut Ardeleanu, Banu Sergiu (Sumi).



all rights reserved


The Dignity Complex Brașov, Romania

Progressive Metal band from Brasov, Romania.

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Track Name: Bounding With Peril
Fear. Our damaged dimension is crawling through failure
We. We're bounding with peril. Contriving new ways of subsistence.
Chaos. Disclosure. Open portal.
Track Name: Accede
Soul in a rough box, waiting to be revived. A beautiful essence of all that breathes, concentrating vital information. Waiting to be revived . From the forgotten pits of shame. Attempt to achieve, achieve composure. Express. Repress, feel. Transcend the existence of limits. Feel. Isolating particles of sapience, enclosing paragon of growth. Depart. Depart. Bound by our feelings, trapped by negative thoughts. Cast away by our mindless beliefs. We failed. We're back were we started. Human again.
Track Name: Transference
Dialectical clash of being seeps in intertwined divine violence. Negation of negation through the bowls of history of man. It is I whom you shall worship. It is I whom you shall venerate. Ontological catastrophe pulling birth of life. From the dwellings of antithesis. The Great Unknown.Speaks. The bliss… abyss of knowing that you know… that you know nothing. Nothing. I am the synthesis of cosmic unbalanced forces. Fused into cracks of consciousness. The voice of the universe. It is I who usurped your God. It is I who became the light.
Track Name: Concrete
We will now rise….from our forgotten pits…of shame. We will now rise. We will now flood the empty streets. We will now rise. We will fight back. The terror. The terror. The terror. The tragedy. This is our final struggle. Rise up to reclaim what's ours. We'll take back our homes.
Track Name: For Those Who Dared
Fly my son fly. Fly far away. Where the hills were never grey, now fly. Fly my son. Crossing the great divide. Spread your wings and fly, searching the sky. And as the trembling winds will carry you. Sprung by the deep endless nothingness. The sky will be, your extasy. You fool. You insignificant insect. You will now burn. You'll feel the wrath of Helios. Oh father, what have I done? I got lost into infinity… the gravity. Gravity, gravity hurts my lungs. My wings are melting. Now the abyss awaits me and the ocean will be, my secret grave. I will now meet the octopus. Poseidon take me into your tides. Take me into your tides. And as the days will grow darker... the sea will carry away the memory. Of a brave foolish boy that once believed... he can rise up to the chin of the gods. His feathers are scattered by the four winds... and his body lays deep beneath the waters. Remembering us of the first mortal... who dared to fly, without fear, without hope. Higher than the sun... higher than the stars.
Track Name: Hermetism
The weight. The weight of the world…is on my staled hermetic…breath. The weight of the world. The weight. Violent alienation contorted in the self. Spinning constellations of purged meanings clot into suspension. I will deflect reflection unto the absurd. Metaphysical urges drown into convulsions. My curse encapsulates organic splinters of imbalances. Grasp finitude burst into eternal conscious struggle. The man has creeped into existence. I am my own nemesis. I push my skull into the dust. Where does my help come from now? Devoid of end, no genesis. The weight of the world is on my staled hermetic breath. You are my witness – sickness unto death.
Track Name: Ontogeny
We are, becoming, the change, the change we want to see. Revise. Revise what's left of our imperfections. Find the courage to, the courage to release yourself from your body and mind. Begetter show us your vision…teach us to thrive. Among your kind. Among your kind.
Can we reach our final purpose…the goal of all things? Can we reach our final purpose….the goal of all things? Infinite display of growth. Overwhelming comprehension… figures of elusive craft. Mighty motion, spectral lines. Expansion accomplished!